Frozen Pops and Paletas

We’re looking forward to seeing you “pop” in for this course! PreGel’s Frozen Pops and Paletas class reimagines these classic desserts in unique, delicious, and innovative ways. Whether you yield small or large scale production of frozen pops or paletas, the information you need to take your recipe development to the next level is all here. These nostalgic treats have bypassed trend status, having solidified their places on menus around the world. How can you satisfy the increasingly adventurous palate of frozen pop and paleta lovers? Let us show you!

Length of Class: 2 days

Through in-depth lectures and hands-on practices, you can look forward to learning the art of:

  • Creating pops and paletas featuring diverse flavours and textures
  • Dipping finished pops in an assortment of coatings
  • Using a variety of decorative ingredients to make your display case pop!

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