Advanced Pastry

When it comes to baked goods, timeless classics are praised, but trending twists and bold new ideas are hotly sought after by today’s consumer market. The Advanced Pastry course curriculum is tailored to serve chefs in both niche areas of the market, yielding results that are sure to attract and delight new and old customers.

Length of Class: 3 days

Through in-depth lectures and hands-on practices, you can look forward to learning:

  • The modern production of pastries with an innovative twist
  • New flavours, techniques, and presentation methods
  • The preparation of:
    • Entremets
    • Petit gateaux
    • Eclairs
    • Macarons
    • Upscale verrines
    • And more!
  • How to streamline costs and incorporate PreGel ingredients into high-end pastries and desserts
  • How to set up a beautiful display case in an eye-catching manner

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